Here the type of trees we planted

The project trees4forest is a private initiative. It advertises, mediates and accompanies sponsorships for the planting of new woods. We planted in the last years more than 13.000 tress. The project also reforests land in Germany and is the portal for all who want to support the establishment of new forests. Here the type of trees we planted in 2008:

1.200 hornbeam

carpinus betulus

German: Hainbuche, Weissbuche

3.650 beech

Fagus sylvatica L.

German: Rotbuche

650 small-leaved lime (basswood, linden)

Tilia cordata Mill.

German: Winterlinde


150 fluttering elm

Ulmus laevis



5.150 common oak

Quercus robur

German: Stieleichen

500 common alder

Alnus glutinosa

German: Roterlen

2.300 sessile oak

Quercus petraea

Gerrman: Traubeneiche

500 European larch

Larix decidua

German: Europäische Lärche

300 sycamore

in german: Bergahorn

175 ash (tree)

Fraxinus excelsior

German: Eschen


On the outskirts of the forest we planted:

100 common dogwood, Cornus sanguinea. German:: Hartriegel
50 hazelnut, Corylus avellana. German: Haselnuß
70 spindle tree, Euonymus europaeus. German: Pfaffenhütchen
100 snowball tree, Viburnum opulus. German: Gewöhnlicher Schneeball